Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Road Not to be Taken

In my ever-evolving quest to fit in all my workouts around my day job and the rest of my life I attempt a variety of creative scheduling maneuvers.  Today I easily fit my ride into my morning routine and in an effort not to interfere with date-night I decided to do my run directly from work.  My premise was to avoid the rush hour traffic and drive home once the roads began to clear.  Did it work?  We'll say, "sort of."

I did successfully avoid sitting in traffic in my car, but I ended up running through more of it than I generally prefer.  The last time I ran this particular route it was most certainly not rush hour and the same four-lane road was much kinder.  I am usually a pretty fearless runner and cyclist but one too many cars almost brushed my elbow today.  My visibility wasn't the issue; between my bright yellow running hat and my blinding shirtless torso I think I could be seen from an aircraft.  The driver's on this stretch were just clearly not used to seeing people out running, and rightfully so.  I am all about pedestrian (runners and cyclists included) awareness, but I can honestly say that I didn't belong where I was running (particularly at that time of day).  

In the future I will be much more aware about my route choices and make sure to put myself in safer situations than today's frogger-like scamper.


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