Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Day of School

Remember that night before the big day?  Wondering what it will be like, what you will wear, if it will meet, exceed, or fail to reach your expectations.  If you’re a triathlete, you probably recall the jitters and anticipation of your first race, but we’ve all braced ourselves for something new.  

Today was my first day at my new job.  After more than seven years with my previous company - my only post-college professional job – I have begun the next stage of my working life.  It’s a bit of a career shift: transitioning from working as a project director at a nationally respected town planning and urban design firm to a member of the inside/outside sales team of a leading HVAC/R supplier.  I actually worked for my new company about 10 years ago  in their warehouse; the lesson: no matter what your job is, do it well because you never know who you’ll impress.  I’m excited about the new industry I’ll learn, the people I’ll meet, the projects I’ll be involved in, and the opportunity to grow with a new company. 
Lucky for me my office is only 10 minutes from my apartment and about a minute from the nearby LA Fitness.  In a triathlete’s busy life, minimizing travel time is a huge help towards leading a semi-normal life.  

Life has changed a lot for me in these last few weeks.  New home, new climate, new job.  But, my training (and my wife) has been my rock.  As the winds of change swirled around me, both have been there for me as an outlet, and often as a crutch.  Going into work this morning was the first step towards resuming normalcy and things are finally starting to coalesce.