Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gear Review:'s AeroJacket Disc Cover

I'd seen and heard about the AeroJacket Disc Cover from other triathletes, including Coach Tim down in Miami who has raced with his for quite some time.  The idea is pretty simple: the Jacket is a low cost alternative to a traditional disc wheel.  Seeing as how my budget doesn't allow me to even consider the purchase of a disc wheel, the AeroJacket was the next best (and only) option.

Full disclosure: I reached out to the sales staff at and in exchange for my review of their product I received a discount from their regular pricing.  As always, the arrangement has no bearing on my impressions and this review is my honest assessment of the product. 

The Company and Ordering Process
The sales representative who helped me with my transaction was top notch; the service I received gave me the impression that all customers are handled with the same courtesy and professionalism.