Monday, July 16, 2012

Rolling Out Some Reviews

A non-triathlete might ask what one really needs to be a multi-sport athlete.  Only a swimsuit (and goggles), a bike (and helmet), and running shoes (socks are optional), right?  A triathlete (recreational, elite age-grouper, or professional) will answer the same question very differently.

The other day after accompanying my buddy for the purchase of his bike I sent him a list of some basic cycling items he should consider purchasing.  Compiling the list reminded me that I've built up a solid mental database about tri-gear (both what I've bought and what I've read or heard about from others).  I've written about many different things on this blog, all of them related in one way or another to my triathlon experiences.  I think I've done well covering some things but have been deficient about some others.  I hoped I'd spend more time reviewing some of the triathlon gear that I've found helpful (and maybe not so helpful) throughout my training/racing but I haven't made it happen.

When we moved to NY we almost gave away our futon.  Instead it has become my "tri-bench."  On a daily basis it is loaded, and then unloaded, with the gear I'll need for that day's workout(s).  Yes, those bins are in order of swim, bike, run, and yeah, my dog is curious what I'm up to!
It's no secret that triathletes love their gadgets.  Getting new gear is just plain fun and as an athlete increases his/her race distances there are lots of tools and equipment that help us each get to the finish line.  To name a few: gps watches (aka "which Garmin do you have?"), a heartrate monitor, bike shoes, tri-suits, tri-shorts, tri-tops, wetsuits, run belts, water bottles, the right socks, body lubricant (not nearly as exciting as it sounds), swimming tools, bicycling gloves, hats, nutrition products, recovery tools, etc...The list goes on, and on, and on...

In my time as a triathlete I've build up a decent collection of gear and have spent more hours than I care to admit researching which products to buy and which to skip.  Most of the time I've been happy with my selections, although I've still gone wrong several times.  My goal with the reviews is to help inform others about what's worked for me, in the hopes it will work for them.  I am not sponsored, nor am I being compensated by any manufacturers to speak well of their products.  I simply want to provide, from my perspective (that of an amateur athlete), a helpful guide of gear that's helped me along the way. 

I'll start posting reviews this week, but if there's anything in particular you want to hear about, let me know in the comments section.

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