Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rough Waters

Salt is good. I like salt. Salt makes food taste good. Too much salt though, and you've got a problem. Here's the thing though: salt is great to eat (on food of course) but not so pleasant to drink - just ask anyone who mistakenly sweetened his/her coffee with salt.  Have I beaten this horse enough yet: drinking salt is bad.  Unfortunately yesterday's swim involved drinking more salt water than I would have liked.

Sure, the water looks calm now!

After a small shopping venture at the local run shop (who had a huge blowout sale) and then accompanying my buddy for the purchase of his first road bike, we headed to the beach for a swim/bike brick workout. If only we had checked the water report before our swim we would have known that the tide was coming in, which made for swirling, choppy water. Going forward on I'll try to remember to check the report for tide info and wave size.  While the swells weren't huge it was without a doubt the roughest water I've ever swam in.  At times it felt like I was inside a washing machine and I was forced to breathe on only one side depending on which direction I was facing. I take pride in the fact that a year and half ago I wouldn't have considered entering water like that but today I plowed on swimming for about 35 minutes.

For the brief moments when I was able to think about anything other than not drinking bay water, I reminded myself that my Ironman Arizona swim will be in a nice calm lake.

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  1. The buoyancy in salt water rocks. And all those electrolytes...