Friday, November 11, 2011

Upcoming Miami Beach Latin Music Half Marathon

It’s been almost two weeks since Ironman Miami 70.3 and by now I’m fully recovered. My speed has crept its way back into my runs and Coach Obi-wan has crafted a varied plan to prepare me over the next month. The plan features short tempo runs, weekly long runs, and lots of my favorite workout: speedwork! At Miami 70.3 I ran a 2:10:03 half marathon (my first time running that distance); my goal for the upcoming half is to break 2 hrs. I think it’s pretty attainable – especially considering that I don’t have to swim and bike first!

As I wrote the other day I’ll be out of town for the next 8 days on a business trip. It’s going to be hard to get any workouts other than running in, but since my next event is only a half marathon I suppose it’ll be alright to let my biking and swimming slip a bit; hopefully I’ll also find time to get in some light core work.
Our lodging for this trip is a bit unique; we’ll be staying in fishing cabins down at the edge of town (2 per cabin). This certainly means that any thoughts about a hotel gym can be flushed out, but the basic kitchen in each cabin means I’ll have the means to whip myself up a good, healthy breakfast on a daily basis.

Eating healthy on the road is always a huge challenge; but, at least now I know exactly what is in one meal each day. I’m looking forward to some good Louisiana cooking for breakfast and lunch; I just have to worry about keeping my snacking in check!

Off for some much needed rest; I'll be up early for a pre-dawn (cold) run along the bayou.

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  1. Also, your 20 week pregnant friend ran a coulpe of sub 2 hr. halfs so you should DEFINITELY be able to do it!!