Monday, November 14, 2011

Running in Louisiana Paradise

I'm currently on a business trip in Jean Lafitte, Louisiana - a small town on the bayou about 15 miles south of New Orleans.  Despite getting down with some great cajun/creole food (a much heavier diet than I'm used to) I've stuck to my training and have yet to miss a run. 

Out on the Bayou
My first run in JF was a tempo run of about 7.5 miles.  There is some great scenery around here, but running on the main road - a narrow two laner - was a frightful experience.  It was clear from the expressions of those driving by that they don't frequently see joggers around here, especially ones with water bottle waistbelts!  Thankfully the varied pacing of the run helped me pass the time and I had a great workout.

As my weekend long run approached I couldn't fathom running 13 miles starting from my cabin.  Instead, I opted to take the 45 minute drive to New Orleans simply for some running scenery.  I think this is a sign of a great city or town: people will go to extraordinary lengths just to spend time there.
  • I began my run from the French Quarter,
  • Headed for a long loop through the Garden District (running along the street car path in the neutral grounds - you call them medians - on St. Charles, along with dozens of other runners was a cool experience)
  • Came back through the quarter,
  • Zig-zagged through the Marigny,
  • and, finished at Cafe Beignet on Royal

My New Orleans long run was a great way to spend Sunday morning off and was well worth the drive.  I'm looking forward to having another day to explore NO on Friday. 

I've finished icing my balky calf for the night and it's time to catch some ZZZs.  Hopefully I'll be feeling rested enough to complete the ambitious interval workout I'm supposed to do tomorrow morning.

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