Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On the Way to Ironman Arizona 2012

I had heard that Ironman Arizona would sell out fast, but 10 minutes?  That's madness.  Think of the thousands of people (those that made it and those who sadly didn't) scrambling at their computers to pay hundreds of dollars to have the privilege to enter a 140.6 endurance event.  

Thankfully, due to some good planning, I made it through the registration process along with about 10 other Tri-Locos.  In advance of registration I had secured a form from another event and completed the entire application in Word.  Once registration opened I simply copy/pasted my answers and was through the process in just a minute or two.  Seems like this may have been the difference between making it or not.

My hand was shaking before that final click of the mouse as I pondered the year to come.  There will be a lot of hard work and sacrifice between now and IMAZ, but I am committed (maybe I should actually be committed) and am confident that I'll prevail.  

Here's to 361 days of staying healthy and strong, and a good showing in AZ!


  1. I was lucky enough to be able to register for IMAZ too! I look forard to following your blog journey to IM - donna :-)

  2. Glad you made it into IMAZ Donna; thanks for checking in. Will this be your first full Ironman?

  3. Yes....actually I live right near the IMCDA course and that is the one I assumed I was going to do but then a group from my tri club decided to have a change of scenery and go down and support our team coach who is also doing IMAZ. He and a few others are the subject of a documentary about heart surgery survivors doing IM. Anyway...I'mplanning to have a heapof fun training and doing the race. I'll make sure Icheck back in with you and see how you are doing!

  4. That's awesome and amazing for the "survivors." Best of luck in your training and thanks again for reading. I'm going to try to keep posting interesting stuff on here and maintaining a decent log of my training.

  5. As one of those who took 10 1/2 minutes with the registration form, I was not quite so lucky. Wish I had followed your strategy. I would have avoided the extra money for the charity entry. But AZ 2012 will be my first Ironman. Looking forward to reading about your training.