Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recovering from Ironman 70.3

Following the Miami Ironman 70.3 I took back-to-back days off from training for the first time in months; it was a respite that both my body and mind needed. After finishing the race I was surprised at how sore my body had become and how quickly it happened.  My wobbly legs and unstable gait were reminiscent of a boxer who'd just been nailed with a combo but hadn't hit the deck yet.  I'd never been that sore from any training (even long brick workouts), but I guess it's unlikely that my workouts ever matched the intensity of race day.  Even sitting down during dinner that evening I was reminded of my achievement by the most painful hamstring cramp I've experience; it actually felt like someone had stabbed the back of my leg.

I didn't plan on it, but I ended up taking the day on Monday and slept for about half of it.  I hardly ever nap or sleep during daylight hours, so I guess it was my body's way of telling me that it needed some rest.  The soreness remained on Monday and began fading Tuesday.  I'd compare the feeling to the type of sore you get after a serious leg workout (squats, calf raises, presses, etc.)  in the gym, after neglecting your lower half for way too long. 

By Wednesday I almost had my legs back, my energy level was back up, and my body began asking for a workout.  I obliged with a short core session, followed by a light swim.  As I swam my laps I couldn't help but acknowledge the irony of me going for a swim (and wanting to) when I didn't need to - I have no tris remaining this year.  This morning, with my legs almost 100% back in business, I went for a casual 2 mile jog.  My dog was none too impressed with my sluggish pace, but nonetheless it felt nice to get back out there.

I'm looking forward to some longer workouts this weekend as I begin to prepare for the upcoming Latin Music Half Marathon.


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