Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gotta Race Soon

The Jones Beach Bikeway
Fresh off Sunday's spectating, with an un-scratchable itch to race, today was the perfect day for a bike time trial. After scouring the map for the perfect red-light-free location and coming up short I promptly remembered the Jones Beach Bikeway.  The paved two-lane trail runs for approximately 5-miles between Cedar Creek Park and Jones Beach.  While the trail is a bit short it did provide a great unimpeded location for today's workout.  It was a nice change of pace to ride in a car-free, light-free zone and the view of the water reminded me of my Key Biscayne rides in Miami.

Lately I had been wondering where the other Long Island triathletes ride (I mostly see roadies out and about) but I will wonder no more. There were at least a dozen other triathletes out doing their morning workouts on the path.  Seeing fellow riders neatly tucked (and some not so neatly) in the aero position helped me push even harder during the trial. The mild wind this morning led to a noticeable split but overall I was happy with my times.  I'm looking forward to watching the progression of each swim, bike, and run time trial throughout Ironman training.

Back to my urge to race: I need to look closely at the upcoming race schedule and find an event soon.  I am officiating the New York City Nautica Triathlon on July 8 and that's only going to make it worse.  While this year's focus is Ironman Arizona I can't wait to see what I can do in a shorter race.  I am a much stronger triathlete than I was last season and it will be fun to see how that translates to a short-course race. 

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