Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HTFU (I'm not telling you, look it up)

Long Island is somewhere under that rainy mess.
Today was one of those days when all signs pointed towards skipping a workout.  With one car in the shop, my wife dropped me off at work today with my bike.  The plan was to start my ride from work at the end of the day, put it my saddle time, and then head home.  Mother nature had other plans though: the rain began early and continued on all day (it's still raining as I write).

I'll admit it was tempting to just bag it, take my bike across the road, and meet my wife at the gym for a dry ride home.  I didn't have my spin shoes so spin class was out of the question, but I surely could have hit the weights instead of the wet road.  I'd make up my mind though.

I chose to ride. My coworkers must have thought it a bit absurd to head for a ride given the conditions: it was super wet, sort of chilly, and just plan raw, but out I went.  The way I see it I don't get to choose the weather on race day so why should I be picky about what weather I should train in.  I didn't do my whole workout outside; after arriving home I swapped out my rear wheel and continued the session on my indoor trainer.  I was soaking wet from head to cleat, but I chose not to dry off and get comfortable.  Instead I just pushed through the uncomfortable slop and completed my workout.

Despite the crappy conditions I can actually say I enjoyed my ride home.  Maybe it was pride fueling each pedal stroke (knowing that a year ago there was little chance I would have made the same choice), or maybe it was the incredulous looks from the rush hour drivers I was passing.  Whatever it was, it was fun, and I'd do it again.  I think I'll look back on this workout and be glad I stayed the course and gutted it out.  That which doesn't kill you...

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