Monday, June 11, 2012

Taco. Burrito. What's Coming Out of Your Speedo!

Now it's my turn to cheer!

Many people do Coach-to-5k programs and they should all be proud of their accomplishments. It was only several years ago when I used the original C-2-5K podcast (apps had hardly been born yet) to get my butt running. Then there's my wife!

Though she is naturally athletic she's never been a runner; in fact, like me she pretty much loathed running. I was excited when she began her C-2-5K program but even more so when she told me of her plans to take on her first triathlon. About a month ago I helped create a training plan that will guide her to the finish line.

Prior to the semi-formal plan she had already made significant progress in her running, but she had hardly swam or biked. Luckily Rachel is a fish: a natural free and easy swimmer that completes her workouts with relative ease. We've swam together several times lately and each time I come away humbled. I've worked tremendously hard to become as not slow (notice I didn't say fast) as I am; Rachel swims at roughly the same pace as me after not swimming for years. Biking has probably been the most challenging aspect for her and the hills around our neighborhood are not friendly for someone just getting into riding (nor are the local drivers who seem to have little cyclist awareness). Her first few rides were rough but she stuck to it and made it over the hump. At first 20 minutes seemed tough but Sunday she completed a 1 hour ride.

For someone who hasn't trained regularly she's stayed on track impressively. She's completed every workout and is clearly building her strength and endurance. I'm proud of the progress she's made and can't wait to stand on the sidelines (as she's done for me so many times) and yell louder than I've ever yelled.

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