Monday, August 13, 2012

The Heat is On (and so is the race)

“So I said to myself, “self.””  “Haste makes waste.”   “Don’t cut your nose to spite your face.” 

Those are just a small sampling of Mom’s many sayings; the combination of school teacher and Jewish mother make for a seemingly endless supply.  One of my favorites though has got to be:

“Everything happens for a reason.”

I’m not a religious guy; there was a point in my life where I felt differently (now is not the time or the place), but let’s just say that life has convinced me otherwise.  I do however like to think that there is ebb and flow to the world.  Every yin has its yang.  Every action, a reaction.  You get the point.  

This past weekend the Mrs. and I had flights to head down south to our former stomping grounds.  After her first semester in grad school (where she learned every bone and muscle in less than 2 months) and more than seven months at my new job without taking a day off, our mini vacation was well-deserved.  Alas, Mother Nature would have none of it: our Friday night flight was canceled due to the rough weather.  We were supposedly re-booked for early Saturday morning but when we got to the airport we learned that – along with about fifteen others – we were in fact only on standby.  

We have a rule in our family that only one person at a time can be distressed; the other has to be calm and take care of business.  I was beaten to the punch on frustration and disappointment so I got to work making our alternate plans.  After some convincing arguments to Delta and then to Jet Blue (I will always think twice now about split reservations), I was able to get re-booked by Delta and received credit for most of the value of our flights from Jet Blue. 

The Silver Lining
In advance of our canceled trip I had removed my saddle, pedals, and extra aerobars from my bike, and lined up a rental for Sunday’s long ride.  I’ll have to do the same again so as not to miss a ride, but as luck would have it, there just so happens to be a race this weekend in Miami: the Key Biscayne Trilogy.  I wasted no time signing up and I will join the action with my fellow Locos on Sunday morning.  I was already pumped to visit Miami but now I have added incentive.  Instead of a rental, I have a loaner ride set up from a fellow Loco (thanks Angela!) and I can’t wait to see what my increased fitness can do on my old training/racing route. 


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