Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bienvenidos a Miami

After a couple of hours of delays our second attempt at a weekend in Miami was successful. Almost five hours on a plane was less than fun but with the help of my eye mask (no shame in my game) I easily dozed off around my normal bedtime only to wake up as we touched down in Fort Lauderdale.

This morning (after a later than usual wakeup) I headed down to Key Biscayne and scooped up a bike loan from a fellow Loco. I thought I had pretty much made it over the hump in terms of missing Miami (though I'm sure when the winter rolls back around that will change) but driving on the Key was a reminder of what I'm missing living in NY.  Save for a few other cities in the US, Miami is one of the premier meccas for triathlon. Just as I remembered the Rickenbacker Causeway was flooded with people: road cyclists, tri-bikers, roadies, mountain bikers, walkers, runners, racewalkers, etc. Though I've found some folks to train with in NY, and I'm grateful to have a great training partner, my current situation doesn't hold a candle to the SoFla scene.

I'm stoked to be part of the action again - if only for a day - when I race the Key Biscayne Trilogy tomorrow morning.  My pre-race routine won't be what I'm used to (different bed, probably a late bedtime, borrowed bike, different breakfast, etc.) but tomorrow is going to be a blast.  I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces and especially hooking up with the Tri Locos. 

The one downside of my trip being postponed to this week is that I am missing the West Point Tri. I had been signed on to officiate but more importantly I was stoked to be a cheerleader at my buddy's first race. Training with him and helping guide him as he becomes a triathlete has been awesome and I wish I could be there to watch him cross the finish line.  Despite never having been a runner or biker (swimming is his strongest sport) he has made rapid progress and is going to crush the race.  

Now it's time for dinner at my favorite Miami sushi joint (a departure from my typical Italian pre-race meal).  Bon apetit and happy racing.

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