Sunday, February 12, 2012

A New Kind of Workout

Today, as I made my way through a variety of uneventful errands, I took notice of a unique type of run workout.  It doesn't require any warmup, a watch of any kind, special gear, or even running shoes, yet dozens of Long Islanders (those who are fit and those who are not so much) seem to have it down pat.  It's called the "damn it's cold, I need to get in that store or back to my car, shuffle."  It is very reminiscent of the South Florida summer version, "damn that's some serious rain, I better hurry up."  Sidebar: the Mythbusters say that you actually get wetter when you run in the rain.

Despite the cold, I went about my business today without breaking into the cold-weather trot.  Instead I saved my energy for an afternoon of indoor rock climbing, which was followed by a blustery 6-mile evening run.  I have to say that I'm getting more and more comfortable running in the cold; with the proper gear it has actually begun to border on enjoyable and invigorating (I guess that's what people have to tell themselves in the winter).

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