Wednesday, February 8, 2012

He Does Exist (and is Still a Triathlete)

My apologies to those very few of you (hi Mom) who check this site often in the hopes of finding something new to read.  The last month or so has been a whirlwind: New Year, new job, new home, new climate, new training grounds.  The beginning of 2012 has been about making adjustments in every sense of the word.  I miss my life in Miami and the luxuries it afforded, but I am getting more comfortable in my new home.  

It took a couple of weeks but it seems like I’ve finally been able to establish a good training routine.  In Miami early morning workouts were the norm (with some evenings mixed in) in an effort to avoid the heat and minimize training’s impact on the rest of my life.  Upon moving to NY I quickly realized how much harder it’d be to work out in the early AM.  My advice to those of you in warm climates: don’t take for granted the ability to just get up and go: NO THAWING OUT NECESSARY.  In the frigid north (although by normal standards it has been a very warm winter) my body simply isn’t ready to swim, bike, or run too soon after waking up.  The defrosting process, combined with an early start to my work day, has led me to adjust my training schedule.   Fortunately I am out of work promptly at 5pm allowing me to get my workouts in and still be home at a reasonable time.  I’ve even been trying to mix in a lunchtime swim when I can.  The climate has certainly tested my resolve as a triathlete and I’m proud to say I haven’t let it slow me down (in fact I may actually run faster in the cold). 

Biking has been by far the biggest challenge.  Riding outside is a total nonstarter for me; maybe when I become more accustomed to the weather I can give it a shot, but my one trip outdoors this winter was enough to send me back inside until it really warms up.  No more are the scenic rides on Key Biscayne or the weekly long ride down in Homestead; all have been replaced by the frenetic shouts of the spin instructor du jour or time on my new trainer (on which I find it hard to stay motivated).  To simulate the long rides I’ve taken on back-to-back spin classes.  I love the odd looks I get as a plod onward at the break between classes (going nowhere fast) while everyone around me begins their cool down and stretching routine.

One of my main goals for the beginning of this winter has been to let my body rest a bit from the intense workouts of my first season as a triathlete.  I’ve refrained from making too formal a schedule; though lately I find myself missing having a definitive plan.  I also wanted to incorporate some of the other activities I enjoy but didn’t get to do during 15 hr training weeks.  Yoga, rock climbing, snowboarding, and crossfit are all on my list.  Also, I was excited about the chance to lift weights again.  So far I’ve made good on most of my wish list and hopefully I’ll get to do a lot more between now and when the Tris start rolling in and IM training goes full bore.


  1. Yay...welcome to my world. I live in the Pacific NW and an outdoor ride between October and March is unheard of. Consequently I develop a close relationship with my indoor trainer over the winter months and I find using Spinervals or sufferfest videos are good to break up the boredom and give the workouts purpose. there is actually a spinerval of one loop of the Arizona course that I have bought (but haven't used yet). That should be a fun way to get in some indoor miles.

  2. Sounds like I have my next purchase lined up: Spinervals. Hopefully that will help me stay on the trainer longer than I have been!