Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Excuses are Easy, but Making Lemonade is Better

Today began as one of those days (you know the type): the ones where things get off to a rocky start and you feel as if everything will go wrong all day. It would have been all to easy to accept the fact that my car not starting at 5:40am meant I should go back to bed and skip my track workout. In the past I might have done this, thankful for the breather and a chance to spend more time under the covers. Then I would have gone about my day with a cloud over my head, feeling bad that I let a little thing (like a tired car) ruin my morning/day.

Instead, I called an audible, dumped my duffel in the car, and did my speed workout near home. A quick trip to the gym for some stretching, home for a shower, and now I'm off to the office.

The next time something out of your control happens, remember that you still control what happens next. You can let yourself get down, or you can forge ahead and make some lemonade.

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