Saturday, October 29, 2011

Racked and Loaded!

This morning's preface festivities were awesome for a first-timer. There were tons of people, gear, and plenty to do. I resisted the urge to buy out the Ironman store, but will rush back in for my 70.3 sticker once the race is complete. I was to be with my training crew, especially Tim who has the calm swagger of someone who's been here before. After check-in and the expo we even drove the first part of the bike course which will help it seem more familiar tomorrow.  

Note to the tourists:  Miami is much nicer than the bike course will have you believe!

After all that I headed out for an early dinner and had a perfect bowl of pasta with my wife, Dad, and grandparents. Seriously, how many parents book a flight on a week's notice for something like this; my Mom and Dad rock. I can't wait to see my family again as I make my way through the transitions and ultimately cross the finish line!

The weather today was all over the place.  Hopefully Miami rained itself out today as it alternated between sunshine, slight showers, and torrential downpours. But, we've trained for this: rain or shine my confidence will not waver. I just feel bad for the out-of-towners expecting something nicer. 

It's been a long day of race preparations and it's time to get some last shuteye before the big day. I hope I can shut the old brain down and actually get some sleep!

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