Saturday, October 15, 2011

Race Report: 2011 Komen Race for the Cure® 5K, October 15, 2011

Downtown Miami was flooded with hot pink this morning as thousands of participants came out to run and walk in support of breast cancer awareness and research.  Many of the teams taking part went ultra creative with their team shirts.  One of my personal favorites was "these boobs are made for walking."  Others went the more serious route and wore touching (albeit less humorous) shirts in honor of survivors or those tackling the disease.

Unfortunately, my fellow Tri Loco was unable to join, but I was glad to get out there and run solo for a good cause.  Our training schedule didn't call for a 5K, but rather a 90 minute run; I opted to build the 5K in by doing a warmup run first and then a run of about 60 (sluggish) minutes after the event.  Despite not being the best race to aim for speed - due to all the walkers - I was determined to come out with a good finish time.  I beat my previous 5K best (25:28) by an even three minutes, finishing at 22:28!

I think my favorite part of the race was
running past my apartment building where my wife was waiting on the corner to cheer me on.  As I approached I began yelling, "free kisses over here," and pointed right at her.  I'm pretty sure a few people thought I may have been nuts, but nonetheless I went in for my free kiss, and was glad no one else did.  It was totally worth the 5 second delay!

My followup run was pretty slow, seeing as how I was running on tired legs, but I'm really glad I decided to participate this morning.  Aside from the obvious benefits of these events (like raising lots of money), it's inspiring to see thousands of people come out and support a cause that affects so many of us. 


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