Saturday, June 1, 2013

Familiar Feeling

After a full day which included a dip (I can't even call it a swim) in the open water, a "get the wood out" run (as Coach Tom used to say), and a celebration for my mother's upcoming retirement, I'm all packed for my first race of the season.  What should likely be routine by now still makes me both a bit giddy and nervous.  Perhaps part of the emotional surge is related to the fact that for a couple of days - just a few months ago - I wasn't quite sure what would become of my future in triathlon.  Now, mostly healed up, I am back on the horse and ready to race Great South Bay.

I'm not exactly sure what my expectations are for the race other than that I want to have a good time and stay safe.  Of course that doesn't mean that I won't give it what I've got but I'll try to keep a glimpse on the big picture that is my entire tri-season.  In  any case, tomorrow will be an eventful day and I'm looking forward to racing with my fellow Timberman-and-woman: J$ (aka Red Rocket) and Dru (Pink Panther).

As the buzz of the day continues to wear off, it is officially time to put down the pen and pad and get some rest.  I'm crashing at my buddy's place tonight to make things easier for the morning and I'm looking forward to having some company for my pre-race morning routine.  Until tomorrow...

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