Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gear Review: Who's Got the Goods (A Preliminary Review of Dry Goods)

Disclaimer: The product reviewed below was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my unfiltered thoughts on its effectiveness. This is a preliminary review based on my initial experiences with the product. I will follow-up after more applications during summer training.

I was about 14 years old when I was first introduced to Gold Bond Powder. Sure, some people only know of the podiatric uses, but at my sleep-away camp it had other well-known applications (powers). For boys away from home - anxious to become men - the first Gold Bond-ing was a coming of age experience. "It's just powder," you might say. Eh, not so much. The cooling sensation - sometimes referred to as the Gold Bond tingle is at first a foreign and unfamiliar feeling (though not unwelcome). Perhaps for some campers it may just be a summer gimmick but I suspect for many it became part of a daily ritual: wake up, brush teeth, get Bond-ed, and get dressed. I am one of the latter.

As a resident of South Florida for many years I can tell you that staying dry doesn't come easily. As a triathlete I came to experience even more of the downsides of the excessive heat and humidity; blisters on long runs were the norm and I'd try any product geared toward solving the inevitable saddle soreness associated with long rides. Any over-the-counter help is much appreciated.

Several weeks ago I was offered a sample of a product known as Dry Goods; if I do say so myself, the name is brilliant (and as an avid Mad Men aficionado) I can't help but envy the job well done on naming the product. As I waited for my sample to arrive I checked out their website: which is equally well executed. Simple graphics and text tell you just what you need to know: nothing more and nothing less.

The Skinny: Dry Goods is considered a spray on powder and comes in both a regular and menthol version (think yellow Gold Bond vs. green Gold Bold). The product is being initially geared towards athletes of all kinds (hence its appearance on this blog) but I truly think it has applications well-beyond the multi-sport community.

The Application: Shake vigorously, hold approximately 8-10 inches from your body, make sure no one is looking, and spray on any body part you’d like to keep fresh and dry (get as creative as you want).

What to Expect: A mighty cool tingle. It’s shocking at first but after frequent applications your body knows what’s coming and eagerly anticipates the first shot of the day.

Initial Thoughts: One of the most appealing things about Dry Goods is its ease of use. Once you aim and spray it goes exactly where you want it to. It produces a cooling sensation and basically dries on contact creating a smooth layer of protection on the skin. I’ve taken to daily applications on my feet and the nether-regions and am more than pleased with the initial results. Dry Goods is long lasting and performs as advertised: the goods (whatever they might be) stay dry.

So far I have used Dry Goods for basic daily use and blister/wetness protection before some of my runs. I have found that it works as advertised and is a major upgrade over traditional powders. That said, I’m not sure that Dry Goods will allow me to discontinue the use of dedicated friction preventives such as Body Glide or Chamois Butt'r. I think each product will have its own role in my daily and tri-arsenals.

As I have a chance to continue using Dry Goods throughout the summer for my tri-training I plan to update this review with additional observations.

If you’re interested in trying Dry Goods for yourself, visit and use the promotion code: THETriathletesChoice to get 20% off of your purchase.

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