Friday, May 18, 2012

Brooklyn Half-Marathon

Not much time for a real post as I need to hit the sack and get some ZZZs, but I wanted to get a few words down on the page (read: iPhone). Tomorrow morning I'll be running the Brooklyn Half which starts in Prospect Park and finishes on the Coney Island boardwalk. I've put in a ton of training and am aiming to bust out a new PR of about 1:45. The course is pretty flat and the weather is looking good so I'm feeling great about the race.

Along with the excitement of my own run has been the pleasure of helping a good friend prepare for her first 1/2. She's worked hard and is for sure ready to go. We haven't trained together all that much (mostly due to not living that close to one another) but I would say I've been there to answer any questions along the way. Being there to help has been tons of fun and made me think of my early race experiences (which were not so long ago).

Racing is an exciting experience; the thrill of the starting gun going off is only matched by the feeling of triumph you feel when crossing the finish line.

On your mark, get set, sleep.

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